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What is an Emerald?

The infamous Emerald stones are gem-quality specimens of the beryl mineral family. They have an attractive rich, distinctly green colour that makes them irresistible. Emeralds are found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in a limited number of locations across the world! For more than 5000 years, emeralds have been one of the most desirable and valuable coloured stones. Infact, ancient civilizations in Africa, Asia, and South America independently discovered this beautiful gem and made it a gemstone of highest esteem!

Today emerald, along with ruby and sapphire, forms an integral part of the "big three" of colored stones. These "big three" generate more economic activity than all other colored stones combined.

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Why wear Emeralds?

Emerald is often considered the ¨high class¨ jewellery option. It exudes sophistication and elegance that catches everyone's eye and makes them fall in love with them. When the whole world is mesmerized with the pleasures of aesthetic beauty, emerald jewellery offers the perfect aesthetic look that everyone is running after. 

Emerald jewellery is perfect for any and all occasions. It ends up complimenting every outfit put together and additionally adds a distinct charm to the whole outfit which makes it even more desirable. Not just this, emeralds are considered an important birthstone at various instances too. They have a calming effect on the wearer while keeping in touch with latest trends and the need for making a bold yet subtle fashion statement. 

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While emeralds are of course the elite jewellery gems that every woman must have in her precious jewellery collection that she adores, at the same time- it is extremely crucial that the piece of jewellery you decide to purchase is worth the amount and is authentic too. Kotawala Jewels understands your concerns, hence we bring to you a beautiful collection of emerald wholesale jewellery that will make a valuable addition to your collection! 

This carefully curated collection includes a number of never seen before designs that will definitely steal your heart! Not just that, these beautiful masterpieces are extremely durable and a hundred-percent authentic too. At these prices, this collection is a true gem in its own way. Explore this unique collection and bring home a beautiful piece of jewellery that will definitely make it into your favourites!

What are the most popular Emerald jewellery options available at Kotawala Jewels?

At Kotawala Jewels you will be delighted to discover a wide collection of beautiful emerald jewellery options that will definitely make you swoon! Kotawala Jewels takes pride in bringing to you an exclusive collection of emerald jewellery that includes everything, from mesmerizing emerald earrings, to one of a kind emerald rings, otherworldly emerald pendants, and even breathtaking emerald engagement rings! Their unique designs and patterns will make you want to buy them all. The vast collection of fascinating emerald jewellery options offers you the chance to own a beautiful piece of emerald jewellery that is not too out there, but fancy enough to fit just right with every outfit that you decide to walk down the streets in!

Why choose Kotawala Jewels?

Kotawala Jewels are the most trusted jewellers in the whole of India. While today the most concerning issue with jewellery shopping is the authenticity of the product, when you shop from Kotawala jewels you don't just get the top quality product that you were promised, but as a bonus you also get the chance to enjoy unique and creative designs that are not easily available in the market! Kotawala jewels is your one stop online shop for all premium quality jewellery options. At Kotawala jewels you get the satisfaction of purchasing a valuable piece of jewellery, but furthermore- you also get to take advantage of commendable customer care service that is available at all moments, fast track delivery services, and steal-worthy prices that will make your investment totally worth it! When you choose Kotawala jewels, you get to shop like a royalty and also get to experience the widely popular luxury shopping experience. It is a total win-win for you when you shop from Kotawala jewels!

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Along with premium quality customer experience, when you visit Kotawala jewels, you also get to take advantage of a wide variety of premium quality jewellery collection that will definitely make you want to buy them all. Kotwala houses an impressive collection of diverse jewellery collection that is not limited to emerald stone jewelry options, but also includes options that range from amazing Silver jewelry, to heart-stealing Garnet stone jewelry, and even beautiful moonstone jewelry! If you are looking to buy bulk emerald, or buy rings in bulk, wholesale bracelets, wholesale earrings onlinewholesale jewelry sets, wholesale pendants for resale, best bracelets in bulk in the USA, earrings in bulk, wholesale pendants for resale, or a silver jewellery wholesaler in India, Kotawala jewels are the answer to all your prayers. Visit Kotawala jewels, the best Indian jewelry wholesaler in the USA, and bring home one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will make a valuable addition to your beautiful jewelry collection! 

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