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What is Citrine? 

Citrine is one of the transparent varieties of quartz that ranges from a yellow to orange color. This is highly attractive in color with high clarity plus low price and durability that makes it the most frequently purchased yellow to an orange gem. Citrine is also considered to be the modern birthstone for the people who are born in the month of November. Because of this, its designation as a birthstone contributes to its popularity and drives a large number of sales in the market.

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What variety and colors do we offer you? 

Citrine is a gem that's color ranges from yellow to orangey-yellow to yellowish orange to brownish orange. The name citrine is certainly used for any transparent quartz that is present in this color range. This is considered as Citrine regardless of its saturation. The stones that even have a faint color or rich color are considered to be "citrine".

Quality of these Citrine stones? 

The quality of these stone's color certainly has a huge impact on the price of the stone in the market. Stones that have a faint color are even inexpensive and abundant. These citrine stones that are rich and uniform in color are rare to find and are valuable and preferred by most buyers.

Reddish orange and reddish-brown are considered to be the rare colors in quartz. Gems of these reddish colors are often called Madeira citrine. The name is kept after wines of similar color made in the Madeira Islands, which is an autonomous region of Portugal, located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 450 miles southwest of Portugal.

Categories of Citrine available: 

There are five categories of citrine that exist in the gem and jewelry market. These are:

  1. Citrine with a natural color
  2. Citrine with a natural color, but enhanced by treatment
  3. Citrine produced by heating light amethyst
  4. Synthetic citrine (a man-made product)
  5. Imitation citrine (a man-made product that is not SiO2)

These five categories are majorly used in the jewelry industry and market. These categories add to the value of the Citrine gemstones and raise the market value of the same while making the jewelry.

Citrine bracelets: 

Who doesn't like wearing bracelets? Bracelets are beautiful modern style bangles that adorn the beauty of your hands. The bracelets are considered to be modern that add value to the look of a woman and man. One can certainly adorn themselves with Citrine bracelets that look amazing and even gazes at the eyes of the people who pass by. These Citrine bracelets are beautiful and glamorous to look at. The citrine bracelet stimulates the brain, strengthening the intellect. Citrine bracelets are also considered truthful in promoting motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self-expression. It also enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. It releases negative traits, depression, fears, and phobias. If you look forward to having a glamourous Citrine bracelet on your hand then you can certainly order your favorite from 

Citrine rings: 

The Citrine rings look beautiful and classic to wear. You can wear them to any and every occasion of your choice. They won't fail your expectations of looking awesome while wearing these jewelry accessories. The Citrine rings are made by delicately coiling and inserting the citrine into a ring that has been made with a precious metal like gold, silver, or brass. These Citrine rings are delicately carved in the shape and form that suits the beautiful ring size and individual's choice. One can opt for these wide ranges of beautiful and citrine rings from our online store at We make sure to offer the only classic yet trendy unique stone rings to you that make people turn their heads around when you wear them. Citrine rings have been in trend ever since they were introduced in the jewelry market. From then to even now, it has its roots intact in the market. People love to wear precious stone rings because of their beautiful and classic look. It gives out the appearance of a precious gemstone when you can easily buy it at affordable prices. 

Citrine ring price online:

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