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Well-crafted Online Collection Offers On 14k jewellery wholesale.

Decking up and looking gorgeous is every women’s dream, and with our handcrafted collection, we make it come true. Every gem and precious stone incorporated into earrings of 14k yellow gold price per gram will suit every occasion and fashion. Hence our uniqueness makes us a one-of-a-kind store for online 14k jewellery wholesale. We know your taste and incorporate it into our 18k jewelry wholesale to ensure that we justify your needs each time you pick our store’s jewellery.

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We make jewellery for everyday wear to office day collections that are forte. We have a huge collection, and many of our customers are surprised by the variety and designs we showcase. However, it has often caused difficulty choosing the ones they like better. Still, we have solved that problem for you because we are into Indian jewellery wholesalers and wholesale jewellery supplies in India in the USA.

What makes us tick at wholesale online Jewel Kotawala?

Our loyal customers and our new client base have encouraged us to try and bring out even more exquisite designs that are hard to come by in any jewellery store. Our online jewellery has gathered a huge response for 14k yellow gold wholesale or wholesale 14k jewellery or 14k jewellery wholesale. It has allowed several of our clients for resale. At Jewel Kotawala, we give our customers the privilege to pick their desired collection in bulk from 14k jewellery wholesale, which is possible only through our online platform.

Most of the collections in other stores are similar and do not showcase as much variety with relatively high pricing. However, all this need not bother you at our store because we have made our global customers happy each time.

Why choose us when buying bulk jewellery in the USA?

We have trendsetting bulk buying with our exquisite collection of  Indian jewellery on the global platform. However, Jewel Kotwals understood that buying just one or a few of the 14k yellow gold collections will not satisfy our customers’ needs. Hence, we have provided a 14k yellow gold chain, 14k yellow gold necklace, 14k yellow gold bracelet, 14k yellow gold ring, and 14k gold wholesale earrings in bulk to our customers under 14k jewellery wholesale. We know that it has a resale value which makes them come back several times to our store to pick more supplies.

  • You can look at our ruby star pendant in 14k yellow gold KGP-21441 is a great piece to pick out from our collection this oval ruby pendant is good for both formal and informal dressing.
  • Check out the pink sapphire and diamond pendant in 14k carat gold KGP-21432 has a unique elephant design. It’s a stand-out piece and adds elegance to most outfits you choose to wear it with; you can find it in the wholesale pendants for the resale category.
  • Our collection of various rings with numerous choices to pick from under 14k jewellery wholesale, and we give you ample opportunity to make your selection in bulk. So you can pick the gemstones that suit you or the designs you have set your heart on.
  • We also specialise in designing elegant necklaces which look great for all occasions. We have traditional and vintage designs in wholesale 18k gold jewelry and incorporated the new contemporary art forms that can set your heart racing to buy one for yourself.

Why buying bulk from Jewel Kotawala is a great idea?

  • You can pick the best bracelets made from 14k yellow gold or 14k jewellery wholesale that have exquisite craftsmanship found in the best bracelets in bulk in the USA collection.
  • With hours spent on perfecting each design we have in our collection. Each design has taken several man-hours to showcase the beauty of the 14k jewellery wholesale that makes the wearer look stunning.
  • Our gold chain collection under 14k jewellery wholesale gets sold under the 14k yellow gold chains wholesale or wholesale 14k gold chains and in bulk 14k gold chains.
    Rings in the bulk category of 14k jewellery wholesale happens to be out of this world because you could never fault the marvellous work put into making such a delicate piece yet sturdy to hold any of the pendants you have chosen from our collection.

Our jewellery in the USA on the online platform as wholesale 14k gold jewellery suppliers has raked in several customers, and people have taken to love our flagship store of Jewel Kotawala. We worked hard to keep the best quality and artisanship in the making so that our customers get the best jewellery to take home. Buying bulk earrings online or a 14k gold jewelry wholesale distributors offer allows you to pick several jewellery pieces at one time at amazing prices. But, of course, you have to resale them as well.

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Such a collection of varied designs and different pieces of 14k jewellery wholesale under one roof is hard to find. However, you can make your purchases easily by coming on our online jewellery platform and making purchases as you like. 

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