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The World Of Jewellery

Any beautiful material used to decorate the human body is considered jewellery. The term "jewellery" comes from the word "jewel," which had been anglicised first from Old French "jouel" in the thirteenth century. Further research leads to the Latin term "jocale," which means "plaything." Jewellery has most likely existed since the dawn of time; in fact, 100,000-year-old Nassarius shells fashioned into beads are considered to be the world's earliest known jewellery. Although jewellery was formerly designed for more utilitarian purposes, such as storing riches and fastening clothing together, it is now almost entirely used for adornment.

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The ability to track the history of jewellery stems largely from the practise of burying the deceased with their most valuable clothing and decorations, which dates back to the earliest civilizations. Paintings, sculptures, and mosaics, as well as plastic and pictorial iconography, provide ample evidence of the jewellery worn in various times.

It's likely that prehistoric people conceived about body decoration before they thought of using anything that might be mistaken for clothes. People who lived near the seaside used a variety of shells, fish teeth or bones, and coloured stones to adorn themselves before precious metals were found. Reindeer antlers, mammoth tusks, and other types of animal bones were used as decorations by people who lived inland. These materials, along with animal skins and bird feathers, supplied enough ornamentation once they had been converted from their original condition into different complex shapes.

The shift from nomadic existence to settled social order, and the consequent development of the most ancient civilizations, followed this era. The majority of people resided near the banks of big rivers, making agriculture and animal husbandry easier to grow. Indirectly, this led to the discovery of virginal alluvial mineral resources, with gold and precious stones being the first to be discovered.

The magic of Kotwala jewels

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His Highness Maharaja Jai Singh welcomed Seth Shri Atmaram Ji from the city of Kota to Jaipur in the 18th century. Seth Atmaram Ji had been invited by the royal family because of his experience and understanding in the field of jewellery and stones. He was called ‘Kotawala' since he was from the city of Kota, and he became the Royal Family's goldsmith. That is the beginning of our illustrious and centuries-old journey into the world of jewellery. We've been in this company ever since, building on our heritage day after day, year after year. 

The royal family also bequeathed a Haveli on our forefathers, which is supposed to be connected to the Amber Palace via a hidden tunnel. Our gigantic inheritance is still visible in the form of the magnificent 'haveli.'

We, at Kotawala Jewels, are committed to upholding the famous reputation and goodwill that has been developed through 13 generations and countless years. The gems we create today are braided with a rich family heritage that has been carried down from generation to generation, resulting in a particular quality that has been refined by highly talented skilled artisans. Our jewellery depicts a journey that pays homage to our history, customs, and culture.

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