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A Beautiful Collection Of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry 

Gold or silver? Sometimes it is hard to decide which one to go for. However, while some prefer the warmth of gold, some also do like the sporting bling of silver. While a stylish woman will have both the colors in her closet to complement her outfits, it is hard to stick to any one of them. There are outfits, that demand the detailing of silver jewelry and so we have brought to you sterling silver jewelry collection at Jewel Kotawala.

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If you are looking for 925 sterling silver jewelry, then you have come to the right place. Why should you own silver jewelry? Even though you have a mesmerizing collection of gold jewelry, silver jewels can look elegant for specific occasions and clothing. The best part of the 925 sterling silver collection is, it goes with both an ethnic and modern outfit. 

925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry

Jewel Kotawala has a whole range of sterling silver jewelry range that is offered in bulk. If you are a reseller you will be amazed by the wide collection of jewelry that catches the attention of buyers immediately. One of our high selling jewelry is sterling silver rings that come in intricate designs and a clean look which makes them highly sellable at a much higher price. 

The best news for resellers is that we bring to our exquisite Indian design jewelry that is inspired by our tradition and mixed with the trend of the latest fashion. We give assurance of quality as our craftsmanship is well-known in our region. With hundreds of happy customers, we have expanded our service overseas to make it possible for you to buy 925 sterling silver jewelry in bulk online. We ensure that you get such a selective piece of jewelry at the best market price to be able to make maximum profit. 

Look into the latest jewelry collection

Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver Rings - KSR 17411: Looking for an Amethyst ring? Buy this beautiful and 925 sterling silver ring to surprise your partner. 

Smoky Topaz Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 48845: This smoky topaz, 925 sterling silver bangles type bracelet is the perfect choice if you are searching for an elegant bracelet. 

Lemon Topaz Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 46817: Lemon Topaz looks beautiful on the skin, and this bracelet looks elegant with sterling silver and lemon topaz combination. 

Multi Colour Stones Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 4030: This multi-colour stone bracelet makes you beautiful, and you can match it with 925 sterling silver toe rings, 925 sterling silver anklets, wholesale 925 charms, and wholesale 925 gemstone rings.

Peridot Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 44017: This is the perfect choice of the bracelet or wholesale 925 bangles if you search for an elegant Peridot bracelet for your 925 sterling silver earrings and wholesale 925 silver chain. 

Check out Aquamarine Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 42128: It comes with both heart cut and round-cut aquamarine stones. The quality is guaranteed since the beautiful bracelet is from popular 925 sterling silver manufacturers in India selling 925 sterling silver bulk and wholesale 925 silver gemstone jewelry.

Amethyst Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 46612: Match this amethyst bracelet with any 925 sterling silver chain in your collection. 

Why should you buy 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry? 

There are many reasons for choosing silver ornaments wholesale from silver jewelry distributor and silver ornaments manufacturers in India. Especially if you are a fan of 925 sterling silver jewelry you must look into a wholesale jewelry collection. Here, women are provided with elegant options in sterling silver jewelry and can choose to buy wholesale jewelry at the best price. 

The US market is a great place to resell Indian design jewelry. If you are a reseller of such accessories, then Jewel Kotawala being one of the top silver exporters with sterling silver wholesale or silver ornaments wholesale collection is a gem for you. Buy at a low price but never compromise with the product quality with us. We ensure that our customers get value for what they spent. 

What else must you check?

Other than the 925 sterling bracelet, rings in bulk, anklets, and toe ring, what else you can find in Jewel Kotawala? Well, the options are endless starting from wholesale silver and gold jewelry to gemstone jewelry. You will be able to find sets and stand-alone pieces at Jewel Koltawala that lures your style. 

Wholesale pendants for resale: Yes, you can find pendants as well. Once you buy rings and bracelets, you can search for matching pendants on Jewel Kotawala. If you wish, you can even buy pendants in bulk for resale.

Best bracelets in bulk in the USA: Even bracelets available on Jewel Kotawala can be purchased in bulk quantity. We have a wide variety of bracelets that can be bought separately or in sets. The bracelets can be teamed up with other jewelry pieces to make a set. 

Indian jewelry wholesaler in the USA: Struggling to find an Indian jewelry wholesaler in the USA? Come to Jewel Kotawala, we will offer you the finest Indian jewelry at a wholesale rate and we guarantee fo the quality delivered.

Best sterling silver bracelets in the USA

You will find a wide variety of bracelets at Jewel Kotawala. Either it is diamond, Lemon Topaz, Amethyst, Peridot, or Aquamarine, we have bracelets of all types. So, visit us today in person or online and take home elegant sterling silver jewelry and make a profit in your reselling business in the USA.

Silver Ornaments Manufacturers In India For Wholesale silver Jewelry

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You can now make more profit as an Indian jewelry reseller as Jewel Kotawala brings quality Indian jewelry in bulk at your doorstep. While you set a journey with us, we will ensure, you get the best returns for your money. 

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