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Best jewelry for men and women under the price of $1000

Jewelry, an ornament that adorns a woman, symbolizes wealth and power and represents our tradition and culture. Jewelry enriches a woman's beauty and makes her feel unique, elegant, and confident. It also represents the social standing of an individual in society, for jewelry is directly associated with the wealth of a person and holds great significance to our community. We know how much jewelry can mean to you, that is why jewel kotwal brings you the most beautiful jewels of all times to adorn yourselves with and stand out from the crowd. Be it shiny gold necklaces, or silver rings, we have it all ready for you under the price of just $1000. We understand that it is every woman's dream to have her own jewelry set, and that's why we aim to deliver the best and pure quality products within an affordable range of under 1000$ only!

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Kotawala Jewels is a brand that aims to present you with the most unique designs and fancy patterns. All the jewelry which is so dear to you is made with the utmost care and attention. We heed much attention to each and every piece you choose for yourself and craft it into the most desirable product to deliver the best results. Kotawala Jewel will look out for all your needs and offer you a variety of choices to choose from, all under the price of $1000 itself. Along with many satisfied and happy customers, it is now your turn to purchase your dream jewelry from Jewel Kota today and bring out your best features and highlight your personality with the most unique jewels available.

Sapphire Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold 

This oval-shaped gold bracelet, with blue sapphire stones engraved in it, will make the perfect hand accessory for you for your special occasions. Now available at a perfectly reasonable price of under $1000! This uniquely designed bracelet weighs 11.68 grams in 14k yellow gold, that will adorn your hands in the wedding of your loved ones, or perhaps some function you have been looking forward to. Perk up your prestige today by getting this beautiful sapphire-gold bracelet from Kotawala Jewellery.

Peridot Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver

This white-colored sterling silver bracelet finished with rhodium plating will flaunt your beauty by highlighting your grace and personality. This bracelet is specially designed for a woman and is nickel and lead-free since we understand that jewelry is a woman's most prized possession. Weighing 14.80 grams, this peridot bracelet has octagon-shaped stones engraved in it to add an elegant look to it. So get your peridot silver bracelet today and add it to your collection just under the price of $1000.

Emerald and Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold

Jewelry is something that is not only treasured by women but men too. That's why we at Kotawala jewelry bring the most beautiful diamond pendants for men to flaunt their demi-fine jewelry to their friends and family. In today's era, where men prefer to spend on decoratives than expensive watches, this gold-made pendant engraved with emeralds and diamonds will give the final touch to your outfit and highlight its uniqueness to make you shine in the crowd. This pendant weighs 2.13 grams, and comes under the range of $1000 only! So grab your emerald and diamond pendant today, and add the feather in your cap with Kotwala jewelry.

Ruby Ring in 14K White Gold

Adorned with bright red rubies, this golden ring will bring out a woman's best features and add to her grace to her personality. Be it a big function that you have to go to, or a special occasion like an engagement ring, this ring will cater to all your requirements perfectly. Since old times rings have been a symbol of high status and serenity, and this ring offered to you by Kotawala jewelry will provide exceptional designs and purity. Weighing 33.60 grams, this ring is made in 14k gold with a ruby stone engraved in it to represent a lifelong commitment to caring. So grab a ruby ring quick to adorn your hands with, only under the price of $1000.

Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold

Did you know that earrings are called "Karn Phool" in the east, which represents a flower in the ear These sapphire and diamond earrings will adorn your ears and bring attention to your face with it's finely crafted designs and diamond borders. With 54 pieces of diamonds and 6 pieces of sapphires, these earrings weigh a total of 5.03 grams and are made in oval and round shapes. Earrings symbolize the youth, spirituality, and serenity of a woman, and that's why Kotawala brings you these earrings made with the utmost care and perfection. Grab a set for yourself today, under the affordable price of 1000$, and decorate your ears with the best earrings of your choice.

Sapphire Necklace Set in .925 Sterling Silver 

This sterling silver necklace set with exquisite work on it will make the perfect set for you to flaunt off with your beauty and outfit. The necklace engraved with 72 pieces of sapphires and 28 pieces in earrings, combine and make the perfect combination of the set to wear and give out prestigious vibes. This necklace set weighs 30.29 grams and is engraved with round and oval sapphires to add to its grace and style. Now available under the price of 1000$, get your sapphire necklace set today and spice up your artistic display with Kotawala pieces of jewelry.

Kotawala jewelry is a brand that prioritizes the needs of our customers and makes sure to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We provide you with a variety of jewelry at an affordable price so that every woman can fulfill her dream of owning her favorite jewelry pieces. We deliver all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, brooches, or earrings made up of any kind of metal like silver, gold, ruby stones, or sapphire stones, all of it under the price of $1000. So pick your choice now, and grab your favorite pair today and we wish happy shopping to you!

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