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Unmatchable Collection Of Earrings, Chains, Rings & Bracelets For Wholesale

We make every women’s fantasy true with stunning jewelry for every occasion, all under one platform. At Jewelry Kotawala, we know what makes you look gorgeous. We have those pieces in our collection, so you can choose to buy and flaunt them every single time. Now we are available in the USA just for you. We bring to you an exquisite collection of Indian jewelry at a reasonable rate where we don’t compromise with the quality. What makes us one of a kind, is our trending designs, unmatched quality, and affordable pricing. We also welcome resellers, as we sell jewelry in bulk at a wholesale rate. We are wholesale 14k gold jewelry suppliers. 

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14K white gold ring is part of our exquisitely designed collection with various gemstones that you can pick as your choice. These light rings are perfect for office goers and everyday use. These are elegant that match your taste just right.

14k white gold chain is a great pick as sporting several chains is now a trending fashion. Why stick to one neckpiece while you can sport different styles that suit different looks? Take home a wide range of wholesale 14k gold chains while you purchase 14K while gold neckpieces and flaunt them in style. 

You will find that we sell affordable wholesale 14k gold jewelry at our online store, giving the customer 14k white gold rate with so many options. Our customers are surprised at the 14k white gold price we offer because of such exquisite designs and choices. It’s an unbelievable offer for many. Amazing pieces of jewelry from rings, bracelets to chains, and a wholesale collection of earrings in every design variety make our jewelry store an indispensable choice for all your jewelry purchases.

The 14k white gold ring price is a big draw for many of our customers as such great quality of jewelry at such affordable rates causes a frenzy among buyers. You will find that men have now picked up liking for the bling and the best part is that we have something for everyone, and the best get showcased in our 14k white gold ring men. You can now buy rings in bulk and wholesale 14k gold earrings to resale as well. So that’s good news for Indian jewelry resellers in the USA. Now you don’t have to worry about sourcing items from overseas as we will bring you quality products at a lower price just at your doorstep.

Online bulk jewelry sale in the USA

What Jewel Kotawala has to offer other than wholesale earrings?

Our collection just doesn’t stop at earrings, but we also exquisite designs in bracelets, men’s rings, chains, and a lot more. The jewelry collection always caters to trending designs and patterns.

  • You can buy the best sapphire diamond bracelet in 14k KGD- 41527. You can choose the gemstone of any color as per your desire and pick among the various bracelets we have in our collection. You can try either go for the pink or purple sapphire that goes with your birthstone color or dress of your choice and mix and match the bracelet for any occasion. With the quality that you get from Jewelry Kotawala, we assure you of the best bracelets in bulk in USA.
  • Pendants of various-shaped and gemstones are available for wholesale purchase. The customer has the option of wholesale pendants for resale as well.

We take pride in acknowledging that our experience in manufacturing sterling silver, 14k, and 18K gold jewelry is more than a decade. Our craftsmanship now uses state-of-the-art facilities with advanced technology to give the perfects cuts and designs. We let you make the purchases in bulk on an online platform making it an easy order process. You can now buy all your favorite jewelry in bulk and sell it wholesale too.

What makes buying jewelry from Kotawala a unique experience?

At Jewelry Kotawala, you will be mesmerized by the variety of options we have for you. Our USP being affordable with bulk purchases. As a customer, you can pick from the premium collection of both silver and gold jewelry prices that fit your budget. We have a range of jewelry options that include white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. We have been serving clients worldwide for many years and have gained a reputation as the best 14k white gold jewellery manufacturers, Wholesale 14k gold jewelry suppliers, Wholesale 14k gold jewelry distributors, silver ornaments manufacturers in India, Wholesale gold jewellery manufacturers India, Wholesale 18k gold jewelry manufacturers, best wholesale jewelry suppliers in India, India wholesale jewelry suppliers and also as custom jewellery manufacturers India. We have in-depth knowledge about retail and wholesale jewellery and gemstones. You can choose the purity of the gold according to your choice and budget. You have the assurance of purchasing from the best Indian jewelry wholesaler in USA.

They are known licensed products which come guaranteed quality. Each piece is diligently tested and showcased to the customer. We know our customers deserve the best and cater to their demands on any piece of jewelry they look for at our online store. The exquisite designs are found at our store only coupled with bulk purchase options, making a great shopping experience for every customer. Our store has a wide reach out, and being on the global platform gives us an edge to know trends better. Jewelry Kotawala has 14k white gold priced reasonably so that our customers to adorn some of the exquisite jewelry that we have in our online store.

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