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Best Jewelry under $5000 from Kotawala Jewels

Every time you go out for a ball, meeting or an important office party, surely you don’t just think about what your outfit will be but your accessories too. It is always necessary to pair the right accessories with your dress as accessories enhance and can add a beautiful change to your ensemble. But you cannot just put on any accessory only for the sake of it. You must know which accessories would go best with your outfit. The accessories we are talking about here is mainly jewellery like rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Pendants, cufflinks and such other accessories are categorized as jewellery too. Jewellery has been worn as accessories for many centuries now. In earlier times, most jewellery was made from gold and was combined with precious gemstones. Today, plant materials and shells are also used as materials for making jewellery. Did you know jewellery was also one of the oldest types of archaeological artefacts? Jewellery, as mentioned earlier, can be made out of various gemstones, precious metals, shells and beads. Now suppose you are out shopping for some jewellery for an upcoming ball, it is quite natural that you may be facing some dilemma on what to use. There are tons of options in the jewellery market after all. But before you succumb to this dilemma and give up choosing accessories, have a look at all the jewellery at We cute an eclectic range of various types of jewellery including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and much more for every occasion you can think of. Another great advantage of buying for Jewelkotawala is that you can find any type of jewellery at the most affordable of prices. Below we have mentioned a list of the various rings and bracelets under 5000 dollars that you could get now from our website.

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Rings under 5000 dollars

At, we curate the best ever collection of rings which would blow your mind with beautiful, premium designs. Moreover, you can get these wonderful rings for under $5000. Now, that’s a deal you don’t want to miss! Now, let’s look at some of the beautiful rings available on our website.

  • Multi Colour Stones and Diamond Changeable Ring in 14K White Gold - KGR 16688: This ring has a breathtaking design consisting of a band of diamonds and 14K white gold. Thus, there are a total of three bands consisting of interchangeable stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
  • Emerald and Diamond Ring in 18K White gold- KGR 16481: If you are fond of floral designs and if your gown for a ball or a party is flora theme, it would be an excellent choice for you to buy this emerald and diamond ring, whose floral design would perfectly complement your attire for the evening!
  • Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold - KGR 15799: This sapphire and diamond ring is one of the most unique pieces of jewellery under the ‘rings’ category at This ring would surely earn you a lot of compliments at parties.
  • Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold - KGR 17052: Yet another brilliant piece under ‘Rings’ on our website, is this sapphire and diamond ring that would go so well with that blue gown that you are planning to wear to the next party.
  • Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold - KGR 12662: Available for just under 1300 dollars, this sapphire and diamond ring is worth investing in for the more high-end parties that you get invited to.

Bracelets under 5000 dollars

You may not be very fond of rings as accessories to your attire, but fret not for KotaWala Jewels has still got you covered! We have a brilliant collection of wonderful bracelets to suit all the parties or balls that you will be attending for days to come. We know you can’t ignore some of our brilliant pieces!

  1. Amethyst Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 46400: Did you know Kotawala Jewels was one of India’s largest silver jewellery distributors? Buy this Amethyst bracelet sitting on a .925 sterling silver band and you would know this. Plus, Kotawala Jewels is also India’s largest .925 jewellery distributor.
  2. Lemon Topaz Bracelet in .925 Sterling Silver - KSD 42824: A mind-blowing piece that would go perfectly with warm coloured attire is this lemon topaz bracelet, which is a must-have from our online jewellery store.
  3. Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold - KGD 40980: If you are looking for an exceptionally unique piece that would be a show-stopper at parties, this pink sapphire and diamond bracelet is the one for you. It sits atop a band of 18K white gold. 
  4. Emerald and Diamond Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold - KGD 41429: The best way to define this beautiful piece objectively would be to say this bracelet is a queue of diamonds and emeralds alternating on a band of 18K white gold. It is a simple piece yet so elegant that it would turn heads.
  5. Ruby and Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold - KGD 40783: This ruby and diamond bracelet is one that even we fell in love with. You can be rest assured that we are not kidding when we say if you don’t get this breathtaking piece for your attire, you would regret it.

Why buy from

We wouldn’t be so bold to assume that you have been completely won over by all the products that we have listed above but there’s more! Besides all the rings and bracelets we have talked of above, there are even more accessories at our online store, for you to choose from, such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and even jewellery sets. You can buy all of your favourite pieces of jewellery for under 5000 dollars. Besides, we pride ourselves in being the best wholesale gold jewellery distributors, silver jewellery distributors, jewellery suppliers and exporters in India. Jewel Kotawala defines uniqueness and brilliance across all kinds of jewellery in wholesale. With such a record, it won’t be wrong to say that you would get the most premium jewellery available in the market, and all of these are available at very reasonable prices. Of course, we can’t deny you the pleasure of coveting our beautiful pieces even if you are not in India; we ship internationally!

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