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About Us

Kotawala Jewels is a leading manufacturer & wholesaler of fine quality sterling silver, 14K & 18k gold jewellery set with genuine precious & semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. With 13 generations involved in the business, we bring to the table unparalleled expertise and understanding of gems and jewellery. We offer a wide range of products in great prices and superior quality. Having a strong global footprint with export to many countries, today Kotawala Jewels stands in the global jewellery scenario as a force to be reckoned with.

Our Story

During the 18th century, Seth Shri Atmaram Ji was invited by His Highness Maharaja Jai Singh to Jaipur from the city of Kota. The royal family had extended an invitation to Seth Atmaram Ji due to his expertise and knowledge in the world of jewellery and stones. As he came from the city of Kota, he was summoned as ‘Kotawala’ and became the jeweller to the Royal Family. That marks our prestigious and centuries old journey into the world of jewellery. Ever since, we have been involved in this business; strengthening our legacy day after day, year after year. Our ancestors were also bestowed with a Haveli by the royal family, which is said to be connected to the Amber Palace through a secret tunnel. The glorious 'haveli' still stands as a testimony to our colossal heirloom.
We, at Kotawala Jewels continue to carry forward this renowned identity and goodwill built over 13 generations and countless years. The jewels crafted by us today are woven with a rich family tradition passed down from generation to generation, resulting in its distinct quality perfected through highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. Our jewellery represents a journey which is a testament to our heritage, traditions and culture.    
 Our family tree, spanning over 13 generations.

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